Professional Barber Travel Cases Online

Ver Beauty is not only known for makeup cases but also for high-quality barber cases. It has a lot of space from your trimmer to clippers. This would be great most especially if you are doing in-home service. Traveling with style and comfort is our priority when carrying this case. Carry your equipment with safe and style. 

Barber Case buying guide:

What is a barber case?

Remember your last visit to the salon? No!?

Obviously, the pandemic locked all of us in, but let me help you recall. Try to recollect your barber's workstation. What was the first that came to your mind, the mirror, scissors, or that big professional-looking case that your hairdresser flauntingly opens and closes every time he needs a different clipper?

Now, this extensive box-like thing is called a barber case, which comes in all shapes and varieties you can get your mind to think. Some are on the bulkier side, while others offer hassle-free traveling.

Whether you're looking for organizational ease or an aesthetic addition for your professional vibe, there's something for everyone; you need to look at the right places.

Why do you need a barber case?

Any person who's even remotely linked to the beauty industry, be it hair, skin, or body, is aware of the hassles that come with a job dealing with a heap of tools. Moreover, when each product is a unique shape and size, storage becomes another herculean task. And we haven't even nudged the tip of the 'organization' ice-berg.

Now, imagine traveling with all that paraphernalia on you. Sounds scary, doesn't it? Now, barber cases shine in such situations. Along with the convenience, try to picture the number of jaw drops you'll attract when you walk around with your stylish barber case trailing behind you!

(I almost saw you gushing with excitement at that sentence!)

Who should buy it?

The market is full of professional barber cases, but that does not mean that only hairstylists and snippers can put them to use.

Someone, who's very passionate about haircare or manages to cut them at home, will undoubtedly own a range of products and tools that need a proper space for storage.

Moreover, in times like today, where at-home services have boomed, salon owners or hairdressers likely need to visit clients' homes. In such cases, barber cases can save from a ton of headaches.

What can you put in your barber case?

The question sounds like a no-brainer, but a barber case can be put to numerous uses, with storage and easy-carrying the most significant advantages. Most varieties available in the online and offline markets have enough compartments to house all your clippers, combs, and mirrors.

Besides, the larger cases can even accommodate electronic styling tools like straighteners, curling irons, etc., equipping you with the full stack wherever you go. You know where this is heading, right? You won't need to carry multiple bags anymore. Just grab your barber case, and you're ready to take on the world!

How to clean your case?

Have you ever heard that E. coli (yes, the bacteria that resides in our intestines!) can contaminate your tools and even the barber case you use to store it.

I didn't mean to leave you aghast, but a simple cleaning regime can keep these squirm-worthy gems away from your supplies. Start with emptying the case. Then, you can turn it upside down to shake off any small bits of hair or other residues.

Now, most cases come with a spill-protective lining. You can wipe it off with a disinfectant tissue, or a sanitizing spray would do the trick too. Just make sure to dry it with a paper towel afterwards. Using makeup remover for stains is another cool hack.

What ensures quality in a barber case?

While most of the barber cases you find will look tip-top regarding the visual appeal, you still should have a checklist before buying one. But, you need not take the pains to put it together all by yourself. We have done it for you.

> Beauty brands offer various ranges, so look through them and pick the one that suits you. Consider your style and vibe before finalizing to avoid any issues post the purchase.

> Now, think ahead of the aesthetics, and decide whether it ranks good in the functionality sphere or not. For example, if a barber case looks excellent but can not hold your tools properly, it is a sheer waste of money.

> It should have a proper security system consisting of quality locks. Not only locking systems ensure that your belongings are safe, but it also prevents the case from opening randomly.

What are the best options available online?

With endless options to choose from comes a great deal of dilemmas. The longer you scroll through pages, the more confused you can get. Now, cut the brainstorming; here are some of the best value-for-money barber cases you can get online, and yes, they are worth the costs.

The Professional Barber Case by Ver Beauty is a complete package, including a Tool Box Organizer, if you are willing to go a bit high-end. You should definitely check them out!