Soft Makeup Cases

Someone once said that beautiful things come in soft packages, surely they were referring to beautiful soft makeup cases.

Soft makeup cases in different versions

Perfect Travel Companion for the Car, Subway, or Plane

Soft makeup cases come in two versions, rolling soft makeup cases and train soft makeup cases. These are great cases for traveling in the car, subway, or when flying. Train soft makeup cases can be a perfect fit for the overheard which saves time at check-in, and the rolling soft makeup cases fit nicely in most automobiles and are especially easy for rolling on and off the subway.

We have so many different types of makeup cases to meet your needs including

We’re sure that you are going to find the perfect makeup case, no matter what style, color, or features you want the most.

All our soft makeup cases are highly durable, made up of high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. We offer free shipping and returns on all our soft makeup cases. For all makeup artists, our soft makeup cases are trustworthy companions with a sensational look.